Indemnity and Miscellaneous Bonds

Surety Bond Quote

Indemnity and Miscellaneous Bonds represent a broad array of possibilities.

Indemnity bonds may include bonds for the following:

  • Lost/stolen/destroyed stock certificates
  • Lost/stolen/destroyed bonds
  • Lost/stolen/destroyed certified or bank checks
  • Lost/stolen/destroyed co-operative apartment certificates
  • Lost/stolen/destroyed promissory notes


The surety will consider the circumstances of the loss, period of time it has been missing, to whom it is payable, and financial capabilities of the check or certificate owner, among other criteria.

Miscellaneous Bonds include more bond types than can possibly be listed here. Some key bonds are:

  • Liquor Bonds
  • License and Permit Bonds
  • Public Official Bonds
  • Professional Fundraiser Bonds
  • Utility Bonds


These bonds tend to be term bonds, which means they are cancellable. The integrity and reputation of the applicant as well as financial background is examined in these matters.